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Handling Personal Information

Safety Management Measures for Handling Personal Information

Mitsui Fudosan Logistics REIT Management Inc. (hereinafter, the "Company") handles customers' personal information in the course of its work as the asset management company of Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Park Inc.
The Company complies with relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, and takes necessary and appropriate measures (hereinafter, "safety management measures") as follows to prevent leaks, loss or damage of personal information handled and to otherwise safely manage personal information.

Formulation of Basic Policy

The Company has formulated a basic policy to ensure the appropriate handling of personal information. (Please click here to confirm the basic policy)

Establishment of Regulations for Handling of Personal Information

The Company formulates internal regulations with stipulations regarding how personal information is handled, who is responsible and in charge, and their duties.

Organizational Safety Management Measures

The Company has designated the head of the Finance Division as Chief Privacy Officer, the heads of each division and Chief Compliance Officer as Privacy Managers and the Chief Compliance Officer as Audit Manager in charge of implementing and operating the personal information protection system.
With the Chief Privacy Officer in charge of company-wide matters and division heads in charge of their divisions, these personnel are responsible for the necessary and appropriate supervision of their employees in handling personal data to ensure its safe management.
In the event that the Company leaks personal information or becomes aware of the possibility of such a leak, it will immediately report the situation to the division's Privacy Manager, who will immediately report it to the Chief Privacy Officer, who will report to the President, and then, depending on the nature of the problem, either personally or through the problematic division's Privacy Manager, promptly investigate the cause, take measures to prevent recurrence and formulate measures to deal with the problem outside of the Company.
If the Chief Privacy Officer determines that an incident such as a personal information leak has occurred, he or she will have employees promptly notify those who were the subject of the leak and immediately report the incident to the Financial Services Agency and The Investment Trusts Association, Japan. If the leaked personal information relates to the Company’s employment management, he or she will report it to the Privacy Committee.

Personnel Safety Management Measures

The Chief Privacy Officer, in cooperation with the Chief Compliance Officer, has established an internal education program for personal information protection and regularly provides education and training to the Company's officers and employees on proper handling.

Physical and Technical Safety Management Measures

Personal data is stored in a lockable cabinet and keys are controlled by the Privacy Managers or other persons authorized by the Chief Privacy Officer in accordance with his or her instructions.
The Chief Privacy Officer limits the scope of stored/saved personal data to that necessary for business purposes, and when personal electronic information is stored on information system equipment, it is saved in folders with restricted access.
When personal electronic information is stored on external recording media, a password is assigned and this media is stored in a lockable cabinet designated by the Chief Privacy Officer, to be opened only when the information is used.

Monitoring the External Environment

Personal information held by the Company is stored in Japan.

Inquiries/Complaints regarding the Handling of Personal Information

For questions or complaints regarding personal information, requests for disclosure, correction, discontinuation of use of retained personal data or other inquiries, please contact the Personal Information Desk listed in the Privacy Policy.

Established on March 23, 2022